CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Best and Worst States To Have a Baby are in for 2021, and West Virginia finds itself at the bottom end of the list.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more difficult for pregnant women and new moms, both physically and financially. Coronavirus causes an increased risk of severe illness or birth complications and increased stress, according to the CDC.

While it is safe for pregnant women to receive the COVID-19 vaccine, financial stressors cause additional issues for pandemic moms and families.

The average birth costs around $4,500 for mothers with insurance, according to Wallethub’s Monday report. And without insurance, hospital births cost on average around $10,000. However, the cost of birth and the quality of care for moms depend highly on location.

Source: WalletHub

The rankings are based on the cost of birth, quality of healthcare, baby-friendliness, and family-friendliness. Some additional factors include:

  • Cesarean delivery charges
  • Conventional delivery charges
  • Average infant care cost
  • Infant mortality rate
  • Midwives and OB-GYNs per capita
  • Pediatricians and family doctors per capita
  • Childcare centers per capita

West Virginia was listed on the ‘worst states to have a baby’ list at number 44.

Best States to Have a BabyWorst States to Have a Baby
1. Massachusetts42. North Carolina
2. Minnesota43. Georgia
3. District of Columbia44. West Virginia
4. New Hampshire45. Oklahoma
5. Vermont46. Nevada
6. North Dakota47. Arkansas
7. Connecticut48. Louisiana
8. Washington49. South Carolina
9. New York50. Alabama
10. Hawaii51. Mississippi

While the mountain state avoided the bottom five in the overall rankings, she secured her spot as 48th and 49th in the available Pediatricians and family doctors per capita and Childcare centers per capita, respectively. Even though West Virginia did come in the middle of the road for overall cost at number 23, that did not keep her from placing dead last in overall baby-friendliness.

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