CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Ahead of Thanksgiving, most Americans look forward to the holiday food, but there are some dishes that wouldn’t be missed if they were left out.

Several recent studies aimed to find West Virginia’s least favorite Thanksgiving dish. A compilation of Twitter data from Cookout News determined that green bean casserole is West Virginia’s most hated Thanksgiving dish, but another Tweet study by Betway, claims that the most complained about Thanksgiving food in West Virginia is coleslaw, followed by stuffing, turkey and then green bean casserole. Betway said that more than 20% of tweets about each of these foods were complaints.

2022 Most Hated Thanksgiving Foods (Courtesy: Cookout News)

Recent conflicting studies about West Virginia’s favorite Thanksgiving food spurred 12 News to survey our viewers. Weigh in and view results here. Now, it is time to weigh in again; what is the worst Thanksgiving food? Answer the survey below.

We have not made “coleslaw” an option because 12 News believes that it is not a Thanksgiving food in West Virginia.