CLARKSBURG, W.Va. (WBOY) — Sometimes it’s fun to look at expensive homes that seem out of reach, but an “expensive” home in one place might be an affordable one in another.

Here’s what you can get for about $200,000 in eight different West Virginia cities and towns. Keep in mind that these are approximations based on current listing prices.


Right now in Clarksburg, buyers can get a three-bedroom, three-bathroom home for less than $200,000. One listing we found on Haymond Highway has just over 2,200 square feet, a garage and a small yard for $185,000. This seems to be a reasonable estimate for Clarksburg, with most currently listed homes under $200,000 having up to three bedrooms and up to three bathrooms.

Most homes with four or more bedrooms and/or more than three bathrooms will cost more. However, there are some exceptions that need a little more work, such as this seven-bedroom, five-bathroom multifamily home on Ash Avenue that is listed at $185,000.


Bridgeport homes run slightly more expensive than those in Clarksburg. For $200,000, this Bridgeport home on Lawman Avenue offers three bedrooms and one bathroom. Bridgeport also has fewer options for homes under $200,000. This home on Briercliff Road has fewer bathrooms and less square footage than the $185,000 home in Clarksburg, and although it has a larger lot, its listing price is more than $100,000 more at $299,999.


As West Virginia’s largest city, Charleston has a lot of neighborhoods and, therefore, a lot of fluctuation in prices. On Woodward Drive, there is a home listed for $199,500 that has four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a fenced-in yard. But on Jarrell Drive, a 5.75 acre plot of land costs the same price.

If you go down the road a few miles to Cross Lanes, you can find a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a garage and more than two acres of land listed for $186,500.


As of summer 2022, Shepherdstown had the most expensive homes in West Virginia, with an average price of more than $400,000. If you want to shop in Shepherdstown for $200,000 or less, you probably won’t find a home for sale. The only listings on Zillow in the $200,000 budget are plots of land, like this 4.36 acre plot on Shepherdstown Pike for $204,000.

The least expensive home listed on Zillow in early March was this small one-bedroom, one-bathroom house on W German Street for $299,900.

Falling Waters

Also in West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, Falling Water in Berkeley County has an almost 1,500-square-foot home on Williamsport Pike with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms listed for $199,500. However, depending on the neighborhood, homes in Falling Water can cost closer to $300,000 for additional bedrooms.


If you’re looking for a historic home in Wheeling, you won’t find much of a lot, but you can find this four-bedroom, two-bathroom home with historic details on Front Street listed for $200,000. Other similarly sized and priced homes are available in the Wheeling area, but often with a small lot or no lot at all, like this three-bedroom, two-bathroom townhouse on 14th Street listed for $169,900.


Also in the northern panhandle, Weirton, which has the most affordable home prices in West Virginia according to Stacker, has options for two, three, and even four-bedroom homes for less than $150,000. From the outside, this $165,000 Weirton home on Pennsylvania Avenue looks impressive, with a covered porch and turret, and on the inside it has three bedrooms and a spiral staircase. Or if you want to skip the renovation, this 4.535 acre plot on Culler Road is listed for $195,000.


If you’re looking to live in a smaller city, Philippi has a lot of houses listed for around $200,000, ranging from two to four bedrooms, like this four-bedroom, three-bathroom home on Greystone Drive or, just outside of town, this four-bed, two bath on Jonestown Mount Liberty Road.