CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – West Virginia drivers have been ranked second best in the country based on their number of driving incidents in 2021.

Quote Wizard by Lending Tree, a website meant to help viewers get insurance quotes, reported that the only state that New Hampshire beat out West Virginia for the top spot. West Virginia did drop from the best drivers in 2020 to only second-best this year.

In the worst drivers ranking, West Virginia was placed 42nd (high numbers are good) for DUIs, 44th for citations and an impressive 49th for accidents, with only Michigan beating it in that category. The ranking reported that West Virginia’s worst area of driving was speeding; its rank for speeding tickets was 38th.

The worst states according to the ranking Iowa, North Dakota and Virginia. West Virginians might be surprised that Ohio drivers, which are often thought of as the worst drivers by West Virginians, were not even in the worst 10 and were ranked at 17th.

Rankings were determined by analyzing over 2 million insurance quotes from the past year.

Despite West Virginia’s high ranking as good drivers, only 90% of West Virginians wear seatbelts which is below the national average of 91%.