CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — According to a map created from BodyNutrition, West Virginia is the number one state with the most opposition to President Joe Biden’s new vaccine mandate plan.

BodyNutrition collected geotagged Twitter data from the last 30 days tracking tweets, hashtags, and direct keyword phrases expressing opposition to President Biden’s vaccine mandate plan, which is estimated to affect up to 100 million Americans.

According to the data found, the top 10 states with the most opposition include:

  • West Virginia
  • Florida
  • North Dakota
  • Virginia
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Missouri
  • Kentucky
  • Ohio
  • Maine

President Biden’s new plan mandates that all employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or test for the virus weekly.

Many West Virginians, including West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, have publically expressed they don’t agree with the mandate. Attorney General Morrisey issued a statement on Sept. 12 claiming that the vaccine mandate would violate the state constitution, as well as state and federal laws.

The geotagged Twitter data collected tracked over 160,000 tweets, while most included the following tags:

  • #donotcomply
  • #Iwillnotcomply
  • #novaccinemandate
  • #wewillnotcomply
  • massnocompliance

Tweets can only be geotagged if they include a location; tweet location or account location. To learn more about how geotagged tweets are tracked, click here.