CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – A recent study from WalletHub has found that West Virginia is one of the least energy-efficient states in the nation.

According to the study, West Virginia was ranked 46, though that’s not for the entire nation. Alaska and Hawaii were excluded from analysis due to data limitations. As for others, Massachusetts was ranked at the top, while South Carolina was placed at the bottom at 48.

To achieve their results, WalletHub measured the efficiency of auto- and home-energy consumption. West Virginia’s relative ranking in auto energy efficiency was 36, and its ranking in home energy efficiency was 43.

The Department of Energy (DOE) has said that home energy-efficient measures could reduce utility costs by “as much as 25 percent.” The DOE also found that a more fuel-efficient vehicle could save the average driver about $970 per year.

Source: WalletHub
Overall Rank* StateTotal Score Home Energy Efficiency Auto Energy Efficiency 
2New York83.8937
3Rhode Island82.1075
46West Virginia33.574336
48South Carolina22.994834
Notes: *No. 1 = Most Energy-Efficient
With the exception of “Total Score,” all of the columns in the table above depict the relative rank of that state, where a rank of 1 represents the best conditions for that metric category.
Source: WalletHub

To obtain their “Home Energy Efficiency” data, WalletHub calculated the ratio of total residential energy consumption to annual degree days. For “Auto Energy Efficiency,” they divided the annual vehicle miles driven by gallons of gasoline consumed to determine vehicle-fuel efficiency and measured annual vehicle miles driven per capita to determine transportation efficiency.

Using these two key metrics, WalletHub weighed each dimension proportionally to “reflect national consumption patterns” then graded each metric on a 100-point scale. With this, they found the total score for each state.

Home Energy Efficiency – Total Points: 50

  • Home Energy Efficiency = Total Residential Energy Consumption per Capita / Annual Degree Days

Auto Energy Efficiency – Total Points: 50

  • Vehicle-Fuel Efficiency = Annual Vehicle Miles Driven / Gallons of Gasoline Consumed
  • Transportation Efficiency = Annual Vehicle Miles Driven per Capita