BUCKHANNON, W.Va. (WBOY) — “I’m that ‘Facebook lady’.” That’s what Misty Post said she and others have called her because of her social media savviness.

She runs quite a few pages on Facebook. “Buckhannon events, the Central West Virginia Road Conditions, the high school alumni page, I can’t name them all,” Post said. “I help with West by God Virginia, it’s got 200,000 followers, and I use those pages to promote local businesses, events, jobs, help fire victims, whatever. Whatever we can do to help the community.”

She’s also has made some Facebook pages that go from helping businesses to helping you smile with Christmas lights.

“Again, another one we started during the pandemic for the elderly to see the lights still from their homes. We helped the local businesses give us prizes,” Post said. “You enter your display on the page, we vote, and we give away prizes. Now, we’re using it to bring people to Buckhannon.”

Post also uses social media to help others after tragedy struck her family nearly 10 years ago.

“My husband’s son passed away in 2012. His funeral, his friends and family brought food to the church instead of flowers—massive amount. So, after that, we realized the food shortage and the need, so then we started the food drive,” Post said.

It’s called the Zach Post Memorial Food Drive, and it takes place exclusively online.

Zach Post Memorial Food Drive (Courtesy: Misty Post)

But why is she deciding to do this? “To give back. We’ve received a lot of help when Randy’s son died. The community really, really helped us,” Post said.

She also cited the ongoing food shortage across the state and country as a reason she continues the food drive.

Social media and coordinating food aren’t the only ways Post helps—she also has a hand in sewing. “I know how to make masks, and I know how to make stockings, and I donated a lot. A lot. Kids, especially,” Post said. “But the stockings, I still do for Christmas events, like downtown and donate and give them away. We made, I can’t say how many masks. I can’t even count how many masks we made and gave away.”

Post said her mom always gave when she could because places in Buckhannon always had her when she needed it.

When I asked Post how she felt about all of this, she said it’s not about her; it’s about the community.

“It’s just amazing what this community does when you need help. Fire victims: you post it on my events page. A day later, they’re going ‘we got all the help we need’. It’s amazing how much this community, this town, gives back,” she said.