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Which green maxi dresses are best?

A good maxi dress is an excellent investment for anyone’s wardrobe. They’re casual enough for leisure time but professional enough for many offices. They’re light and airy enough to be cool in the summer while covering the body for warmth in colder months. Green maxi dresses are perfect for any outdoor event and can be easily matched.

One of the best green maxi dresses is the Viishow Women’s Short Sleeve Loose Maxi Dress. It has two solid shades of green to pick from as well as a green-and-white floral-patterned option.

What to know before you buy a green maxi dress


Maxi dresses use various cuts which affect how the dress falls. The most common cut places a tailored waistline around the natural waistline. These cuts are similar to the look wearing a T-shirt and skirt gives. The waistline can also be placed just below the bust for a more dress-like look. There can also be no waistline at all which allows the dress to rest on your shoulders and flow downward naturally.


The neckline is often the deciding factor on how professional the design looks. Crew-necks and V-necks of varying depths are common, plus more splashy necklines like the off-the-shoulder look.

What to look for in a quality green maxi dress



Green maxi dresses are made from many materials which affect how they feel and how their shade of green looks. 

  • Cotton is the most common material. It’s soft and, depending on the thickness, warm. It provides a matte look which is perfect for darker shades of green.
  • Synthetics like polyester and rayon are more affordable. They aren’t as comfortable as cotton but tend to drape better. They’re often somewhat translucent which can allow you to add elements of other colors underneath the green.
  • Slick materials like satin and silk are perfect for summer or special events. Light and jewel-tone greens shimmer beautifully with these materials.


Green maxi dresses have two elements of design: the shade of green and imagery.

  • Shades of green range widely. The most important aspect to consider is how the shade of green stands out against your skin tone. Some shades of green look sickly no matter what your skin tone is.
  • Imagery can spice up an otherwise flat dress. Green is earthy and as such many dresses use floral imagery. Geometric patterns are also popular.

How much you can expect to spend on a green maxi dress

Like any piece of clothing, you can find green maxi dresses dirt cheap or for the price of a trans-Atlantic flight ticket. Average options typically cost $30-$50, though some can get close to $100.

Green maxi dress FAQ

What colors go well with a green maxi dress?

A. Green is one of the easier colors to match with. Neutrals like black and white are easy choices. Certain shades of blue are good choices, like the blues in a blue jean jacket. If you’re feeling bold you can try colors like yellow, orange and purple. Red also goes well with green, but that color combination is best reserved for Christmas-related festivities.

What accessories go well with a green maxi dress?

A. Maxi dresses are typically straightforward in design which makes it easy to accessorize them. Necklaces are common choices, especially those with long chains and large pieces on the end. Wrist-related accessories are equally common. For a big splash, you can try adding a wide belt around your waist. Experiment with what you have and see what looks good to you.

How do I clean a maxi dress?

A. Most maxi dresses are easy to clean, they just need to be tossed into the washing machine like any other clothing. However, some dresses use construction techniques that add complicating factors. These dresses might need to be dry cleaned, require specific temperature settings or can only be washed together with limited types of clothing. Your maxi dress will include specific washing instructions.

What’s the best green maxi dress to buy?

Top green maxi dress 

Viishow Women’s Short Sleeve Loose Maxi Dress

Viishow Women’s Short Sleeve Loose Maxi Dress

What you need to know: This is a classic and elegant maxi dress suitable for any occasion.

What you’ll love: This dress has three green color options, including one with a white flower print. It’s available in five sizes, plus larger sizes don’t cost extra. There is a pocket on each side. The predominantly rayon construction is light and airy for staying cool.

What you should consider: The flower print design is randomized when ordering. Rayon isn’t the most durable material, it may stretch or bleed in the washing machine.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top green maxi dress for the money

Sarin Mathews Women’s Off The Shoulder Maxi Dress

Sarin Mathews Women’s Off-the-Shoulder Maxi Dress

What you need to know: An off-the-shoulder maxi dress that’s a little more affordable too.

What you’ll love: This maxi dress can be worn in both off- and on-the-shoulder styles plus elastic material in the shoulders helps it stay put. It’s available in four size options. Its cotton construction is soft, breathable and durable when washed. It has pockets on both sides. 

What you should consider: The material is thin enough to be seen through, with some colors being worse than others. There’s only one shade of green to select from.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Auselily Women’s Short Sleeve Loose Maxi Dress

Auselily Women’s Short Sleeve Loose Maxi Dress

What you need to know: This is a similar dress to Viishow’s option with some alternate green color options.

What you’ll love: This dress has three color options including a black-and-green geometric floral design. It comes in five size options and it has two pockets. A 30-day money-back guarantee lets you try it out hassle-free. An elastic band at the waist keeps the dress in place.

What you should consider: This dress is not breastfeeding friendly. Amazon and the seller provide mismatching sizing charts. The rayon material may bleed if washed with whites.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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