MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WBOY) – As teacher shortages occur all across the United States, school districts, including those in West Virginia, are trying to find solutions to the problems in their own hallways.

“School leaders and district leaders are really trying to use whatever solutions they can find that are available to them,” WVU College of Applied Human Sciences Associate Professor and Coordinator of Higher Education Administration Programs Erin McHenry-Sorber said.

Some of those short-term fixes are having student teachers or substitutes fill in, ‘Grow Your Own Programs’ combining classes together and more. McHenry-Sorber doesn’t see a cookie-cutter fix for every school.

“Some of the most important takeaways from our research have really been that different schools and different communities need different solutions,” McHenry-Sorber said. “Even if those are short-term fixes because they just want to do what’s best for the kids in their community.”

While schools are trying to be creative with these methods to fill the voids, other issues could still make it difficult to keep class in session.

McHenry-Sorber also added that bordering states with higher teacher pay makes it enticing for teachers to seek jobs in those states. McHenry-Sorber touched up on that the pandemic also could’ve played an effect into the shortage.