CHARLESTON, W.Va. – Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officers detected a loaded handgun at a security checkpoint at Yeager Airport this morning, Dec. 21.

The passenger, a resident of Scott Depot, W.Va., attempted to carry a 9mm handgun loaded with 10 bullets onto his flight.

CRW gun 12-21-21
TSA officers at Yeager Airport discovered this handgun in a carry-on bag on Dec. 21. (TSA photo)

Upon discovery of the weapon, the police were notified, which resulted in the confiscation of the firearm. The man faces a federal civil penalty for bringing a gun to an airport security checkpoint.

“Passengers are allowed to travel with their firearms and ammunition as long as they follow the proper procedures,” said John C. Allen, TSA’s Federal Security Director for West Virginia. “Travelers should never bring a gun—loaded or unloaded—to a security checkpoint because they are not permitted to be carried into the cabin of a plane. This is a law that has been in place for decades before TSA even existed.”

Civil penalties can apply to travelers with or without concealed gun carry permits; permits do not cover firearms carried onto an airplane. Members of TSA PreCheck® can also lose their TSA PreCheck privileges due to carrying a gun.

The complete list of civil penalties can be found here.

Firearms can travel in checked baggage if “they are properly packaged and declared at their airline ticket counter.” Firearms must also be unloaded, locked in a hard-sided case, and packed separately from ammunition.

Travelers should also contact their airline as firearm possession laws can vary by state and locality and may include additional requirements for traveling with firearms and ammunition.

For more information on how to properly travel with a firearm, go here.