CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – It’s the 100 deadliest days of the year for drivers all across the country.

On Thursday, AAA and law enforcement agencies from across north central West Virginia gathered at the I-79 southbound rest area to help promote “Operation C.A.R.E”, or combined accident reduction effort.

Bridgeport Interim Police Chief Mark Rogers (WBOY Image)

“The summer kick-off of Memorial Day weekend is typically seen as, statistically speaking, the 100 deadliest days of the year are the summertime,” said Interim Bridgeport Police Chief Mark Rogers.

It’s called the 100 deadliest days because the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day is generally seen as the time with the most fatal traffic accidents, especially around Memorial Day.

Cpt. C.L. Stalnaker (WBOY Image)

“Unfortunately, there’s been fatalities in the past. We’re hoping this year, in the whole state of West Virginia not have one fatality,” said Cpt. C.L. Stalnaker, Commander for the West Virginia State Police Troop 1.

AAA highlights ‘Operation C.A.R.E.’, 100 deadliest days (WBOY Image)

“Many of the law enforcement officers here could probably tell you a story that they went to an accident scene that they wish that they never had to. I, myself, have been on those accident scenes, and, I can tell you that there’s a family that that will affect forever. Sometimes two,” said Interim Chief Rogers.

At the event, AAA thanked the law enforcement for their work of keeping West Virginia roads safe. A picture was taken of all of the officers and their vehicles, as well as lunch was provided to them.

Both officers had some advice for drivers this weekend and this summer.

AAA highlights ‘Operation C.A.R.E.’, 100 deadliest days (WBOY Image)

“Be mindful of the speed limit. Definitely pay attention to work zones. There’s all kinds of work going on. Cell phones, have your cell phones, electronic devices (away). Please buckle up. Have a lot of patience if you’re traveling somewhere,” said Cpt. Stalnaker.

“If you’re going with multiple people in the vehicle, you’re probably going with some of the most important cargo that you carry on a daily basis. Think of it like that. You want to be able to arrive alive,” said Interim Chief Rogers.