FAIRVIEW, W.Va. – The beginning of Behlar Road in Monongalia County starts with potholes, and according to residents like Jerry Wolfe, who has lived on the road for almost 30 years, residents always have to deal with those bad conditions pretty much all the time.

Wolfe has watched the quality of maintenance on Behlar Road dwindle through the years.

“They barely clean the ditches, but they’ll come through twice a year and dump gravel on it. To me, it’s a waste of money just to keep adding gravel when they should tar and chip,” said Wolfe. Residents wonder why their side of the road isn’t paved when they see the far side of the road over the hill getting proper treatment. “Why does it stop? We have a mile and a half of road, and it stops up there where the pavement is, and then they just don’t do anything to this side,” said Wolfe.

The part of the road that is paved takes you towards Morgantown.

“That’s perfect road. It’s maintained, so I really don’t understand why our side of hill is not, we’re like the second-class citizens of Jakes Run Rd.,” said Wolfe.

Wolfe said he and other residents of Behlar Road have voiced their concerns about the lack of upkeep on their road.