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METZ, W.Va. – Big Run Road in Marion County is about two miles, with only a handful of residents occupying the road.

But, it takes one resident 13 minutes to get from the driveway to the end of the road due to its condition. That is worrying some residents for not only their cars’ integrity, but their own health.

“Oh, the potholes are just, they’re terrible. I mean, you have to come to almost a complete stop to get through some of them.”

Amy Poling, eight-year resident of Big Run Road

Amy Poling has lived on Big Run Road in Marion County for eight years. But, her biggest concern isn’t her car.

Water and mud fills a hole on Big Run Road

“My main concern with living up here is emergency vehicles. They can’t get in and out of here safely. If there was a life-or-death situation, it wouldn’t be good.”

Carl Postlethwait, a resident of Big Run Road for 51 years, agrees.

“I, myself, am 74 years old. The neighbor that lives up the road is 80-something years old, and it’s just tough for us to run out of here.”

Postlethwait also suffers from health problems of his own that the road has just made worse.

“I broke my back last year, and so, riding in and out of here, even in a good comfortable car, is hard.”

Several potholes on Big Run Road

The road had well pad drilling several years ago, where the company put gravel in some of the deep potholes. But, now those gravel pieces stop water, causing drainage issues and sitting water when it rains.

Since then, no one from the Division of Highways has fixed the road—leaving it up to residents.

“Any maintenance that’s done on the road is done by the residents.”

Amy Poling, eight-year resident of Big Run Road

Both Poling and Postlethwait just want the road to be fixed properly.

“Ditch the road, grade it, put a little gravel on it. We don’t want it blacktopped. We don’t care about blacktop. We just want a decent road to drive in and out on.”

Carl Postlethwait, 51-year resident of Big Run Road

“Fix it. Fix it right.”

Amy Poling, eight-year resident of Big Run Road

The Division of Highways said it has been fixing the road over the past few days. Residents said they were not impressed by the work, stating road crews didn’t reach the end of the road, and the Division of Highways left a muddy mess that will worsen the problem.

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