VOLGA, W.Va. (WBOY) – 12 News brought you coverage on the restoration of the Carrollton Covered Bridge when it was closed in July, and now we have an update.

Significant structural work on the trusses and bottom cord of the bridge still remains. At first, officials thought every piece of the bridge would need to be replaced, but it turns out that parts of the original structure will still remain. The original members of the bridge that will be kept have received minimal work, to preserve the historic value. 

From the outside, it may appear that there is already a structure built that will support the roof.  What you see is intended only for the tarp, which keeps equipment, wood, and workers out of the weather.
The structural work on the bridge must be completed before work on the roof can begin.

“It’s still so hard for us to put a time frame on when we’ll have the roof on, just because you know, as we’ve worked on replacing the upper cord, as we get to the lower cord, a lot of complicated things that we’re going to as far as how to change those members out, so some of that might slow us down a little bit, so the timing aspect is kind of hard to figure out,” Chad Boram, District 7 bridge engineer.

The bridge must remain closed throughout the duration of the restoration project. The main reason for the closure is for safety; replacing main structural members leaves the bridge not at its full strength. Bracing members also run across the bridge, which would not allow traffic to pass through.

The other reason the bridge must remain closed is the materials and equipment that are stored on the bridge. Boram said that having to mobilize those things daily would greatly slow down the progress of the project.

“You know, I just want to say I appreciate their patience, you know, I know that they want to see this bridge brought back to life and rehabbed, and you know we’re committed to getting that done, and if they could be patient with us, in allowing us to do that in the quickest possible manner, which is to have the bridge closed down, like I said, we would just appreciate their continued patience in that and their understanding,” said Boram.

Boram said that although they have run into unexpected obstacles, great progress is still being made, and the bridge project may be complete by spring of 2023.