ALBRIGHT W.Va. – For this week’s Road Patrol, we’re in Preston County on Crane School Road.  

To access this road, you can go on St. Joe Road, where it is marked with a street and stop sign, and also on Brandonville Pike, where there is no sign at all.  

But the lack of signs is the least concerning problem for the 20 residents that live along Crane School Road who have requested that work be done to repair it. 

“I’ve been trying to fight this since July, and I’m not getting any answers, and when they do show up, I get told by the workers that their boss is yelling at them, saying that it doesn’t need done that bad. But yet, it’s costing money, because I had to buy a new set of tires because I had to put seven plugs in my tires, and they can’t put that many in it, legally,“ said Cody Morris, resident.

Traveling from Brandonville Pike wears so much on vehicles that residents warn visitors to take the long way around and come up St. Joe Road.  

Road work began on the St. Joe Road side on Dec. 15, after a number of complaints by residents to the West Virginia Division of Highways.

However, Cody Morris said the state road workers told him they would not be continuing the repairs all the way down to Brandonville Pike, where residents said the road is the worst.  

“I recently had a baby, and I went into labor on this road which was terrible, and until she could hold her head up, we had to have someone sitting in the back seat holding her head because of how bumpy the rocks were and how much the car would shake when you were going over it, so like it’s just not safe,” said Crystal Morris. 

Crystal Morris is a member of the Albright Volunteer Fire Department, and she said it’s impossible to get off her road and travel with urgency to answer a call due to its conditions.