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BRUCETON MILLS, W.Va. – Cuzzart-Mountain Dale Road stretches for two miles and has about 40 houses on it, however, getting to those homes is the challenge.

Residents said the time frame of when they last saw a proper fix on the road has been as long as some lifespans. The road work that they have seen, is filling holes with gravel and some minimal patching.

“I live in a brick house, and I mean the dust, it’s terrible when it’s dry,” said Allen Miller, a resident for more than 40 years. “I have to water my road about everyday because the dust gets up on it and has started to ruin my house.”

Miller has problems keeping up with the condition of his house, but other residents who are newer to the neighborhood have spent more out of their pocket on their vehicles, or have replaced their vehicle completely because of the damages.

“We have had to do so much to our cars,” said Courtney Dalton, a resident for three years. “We’ve had to fix shocks, and my old car is rusted from everything here. The roads are just awful, and we’ve had busted tires, rims, it’s just a mess. They don’t fix it at all.”

One particular resident has had setbacks in her recovery from a spinal injury years ago because getting out of the neighborhood causes pain to her back. Her husband said she barely can go in and out of the neighborhood for appointments without making it worse because of the unavoidable potholes.

“My wife is steadily more injured every time she leaves the house. When I pay the amount of property tax that I do, and I see a bolt sticking out of the road where they paved it maybe 30 years ago…that says something,” said Chris McLaughlin, a resident for seven years. “It just says a lot about how much the DOH cares about us out here, because we see other roads get fixed, and I promise you if you ask any neighbor on this road they would not be able to tell you when they last seen work on this road.”

When covering this Road Patrol, one resident who reached out to WBOY posted that we would be covering it. The amount of residents who came to speak were in the double digits.

Residents said neglect isn’t a strong enough word for the condition of their road.

“They owe us. We work hard, they should give a little back. It’s clear that certain roads are picked as the ones who improve, while others are forgotten about,” McLaughlin said. “They’ve told us a whole lot of things to get out of properly fixing our road, and at this point it is beyond frustrating. They need to fix it. What’s left of it anyway.”

McLaughlin has started to put together a google maps graphic marking every pot hole on the two mile stretch. Once he has completed it, he plans to show it to Preston county officials and West Virginia Division of Highways.

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