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WEST UNION, W.Va.- County commissioners, along with Governor Justice, recently issued what is known as an “asphalt blitz” where a large number of potholes within the area are filled to make roads easier to drive on.

While working conditions are tough, productivity is higher than usual due to current weather conditions.

“The temperatures are high, which is a good time to put asphalt down. It adheres to the ground and to the road a lot better in the hot temperatures, so it’s a great opportunity for us to go in and make these repairs this time of year,” said Mike Daley with the Division of Highways.

Doddridge county is currently ranked 20th in the West Virginia in terms of completing road work projects.

Staff members are staying hydrated while remaining safe from COVID-19 by using water bottles instead of jugs and adding electrolytes to the water. They are also taking advantage of the hot weather by covering as much ground as possible.

“We clean out the potholes with blowers, brooms, shovels, whatever we need to do. As much as we possibly can before we put the material in. We put what we call an asphalt binder in prior to filling the hole. We put the asphalt in, we try to square it up as much as possible, and then compact it the best that we possibly can,” said Daley.

These rapid repairs help drivers and their cars stay safe on the roads and prevent possible accidents.

“It makes it a lot safer for the roadway for the traveling public to be able to travel without incident. That way they don’t have any damaged tires, wheels, vehicles-things like this,” said Daley.

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