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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va.-Residents of Hill Run Road in Bridgeport have been reaching out for help repairing a large number of potholes for almost a year now.

Resident Sarah Freed says she struggles to go faster than five miles an hour down the road to her house.

“Driving up and down this road just makes me angry because some of these potholes are probably a foot deep and you have to drive into them and drive out of them and it’s almost like being in a ship in a stormy ocean. Like you’re just flying all over the place no matter how fast or slow you go,” said Freed.

Freed and her neighbors have contacted not only the state, but the governor’s office, multiple times and have been told to be patient and that they are on the waiting list. In the meantime, Freed is worried about the safety of her two young children, who she drives along the road multiple times a day. She says when they fall asleep in the car, their heads bounce around no matter how slow she goes.

“I know we’re probably waiting because there are only three people that live out this road, but this road has got to be way worse than maybe another road that 15 or 20 people live out and I feel like the priorities should be increased,” said Freed.

They also worry that the size and number of potholes are affecting their cars. So much that they have tried to fix the road themselves over the past few years.

“It’s probably tearing my car to pieces, I need alignments and stuff-it’s not affecting my tires at all because I know that I have to drive slow up and down the road so that that way they don’t pop, but as far as the longevity of my car, I have a feeling it will definitely affect it,” said Freed.

Residents hope raising awareness to Hill Run Road will help get it repaired in the near future.

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