FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WBOY) — There have been multiple accidents in the Marion County I-79 area recently.

According to West Virginia’s I-79 Twitter profile, there have been thirteen car accidents since April 19 of this year between mile markers 132 and 140. Five of those accidents have been just within’ this past month.

12 News received some questioning from viewers on why there has been a sudden rise of accidents in this area, and we wanted to get to the bottom of it.

We reached out to the Fairmont detachment of the West Virginia State Police, but Sgt. James Barker responded that they can not speak for other agencies but that it seems the rise in these accidents has been from the construction contribution currently taking place.

Curious as to what complaints they have received due to the construction area, we spoke with Barker.

“I can tell you that the troopers of the Fairmont detachment have received multiple complaints of reckless driving, and speeding, etc. Our response to these complaints is an increase in presence, by the West Virginia state police, on I-79,” Barker said.

With the increasing state police presence in the area, it is in hopes that drivers will start to follow the laws of the road that are already set in place.

“I’d remind drivers that when they approach an emergency vehicle that is displaying its emergency lights on the interstate or when a police officer is on a traffic stop, on the interstate. The state law requires drivers to reduce their vehicle speed, and when possible, to merge into the opposing lane,” Barker added.

Barker mentioned that he was not going to speculate on the reasoning behind the accidents due to the state police not being the only agency with jurisdiction over the Fairmont I-79 area.

But it does seem likely that with the amount of reckless driving and speeding complaints, they could be playing a role in the rise of these accidents.