WEST UNION, W.Va. (WBOY) – Some residents of West Union aren’t happy with their tar and chip road that looks more like loose gravel by the day.  

Robert Noe has been a Canton Road Resident for 16 years. Canton Road begins at an intersection with Little Flint Road, which is in a condition that some residents are not happy about. 

“It’s causing premature damage to vehicles, shocks, tires, paint chips,” Noe said about the poor conditions of Little Flint Road which he travels every day. “You can see the tar and chip and you can see the difference from the permeant asphalt, and you can see the difference, obviously, from the rock piles.” 

Noe said the road is marked as a tar and chip road but by the looks of it, he feels it would be better described as gravel. He said some parts of the road have too much rock, and other parts not enough. There’s also spots where patches of grass are growing right in the middle.  

Little Flint Road (WBOY Image)

Other roads around Little Flint are freshly paved. Now, Noe wants someone to take responsibility for Little Flint and improve it. However, he feels his comments on the road have fallen on deaf ears.  

“It gets aggravating because when you confront them, personally face-to-face, you get this ‘well let me check on it and I’ll get back to you.’ Well, guess what? They never, ever get back to you,” he said.  

Noe has reached out to the oil and gas companies that drive trucks in the area, the West Virginia DOH and the governor’s office to find someone to fix the road. He said they were told it would be fixed in June, but that came and went.  

We reached out to the DOH for a comment and they said in a statement: 

Doddridge CR 14/00, Canton Road, is a 16′ wide rural route that begins at the intersection of CR 28 and ends at the intersection of CR 3 at mile marker 4.58.  This road has an Average Daily Traffic (ADT) count of 90 and is divided into two separate surface types.  The section of road from 0.00 to 2.69 is an asphalt road; while the section from 2.69 to 4.58 is gravel/stone.  The asphalt section was recently repaved.  There are no plans to upgrade the gravel section of roadway to an asphalt road.   Both Canton Road and Little Flint Road will continue to be maintained on a regular basis. 

West Virginia Division of Highways

Meanwhile, Noe’s still hoping for a different outcome.  

“Just please, turn it back to normal. Put it back to what the map says it’s supposed to be.”