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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Lubbuck Lane in Monongalia County gives residents a rocky start to their drive. Residents said they’ve been watching this road deteriorate for years.  

Lubbuck Lane

“You know, ‘Country roads take me home’, we’re worried this road ain’t going to be able to take any of us home because if the bad shape that it’s in,” nine-year resident, Bethany Koshinski said. “We don’t even have a road anymore in certain spots. You just have exposed rock and sheetrock that was there probably before anything else. I don’t know when’s the last time we’ve even seen a greater come up or down this road.” 

When the weather gets bad, the drive gets worse as rain washes away more rock and adds to the potholes.  

Neighbors meet about Lubbuck Lane conditions

“So, it’s basically a riverbed now,” said Jackie Mier, a resident since 1993. “And there are times in the winter where we could not get gas deliveries because they were afraid to come up our hill and then go back down it.” 

And they’re not the only ones. Neighbors said they’ve had trouble getting garbage trucks to come up the road too, causing some to have piles of trash at their homes for almost six weeks.  

Neighbors are also afraid that since the road is dangerous and isn’t wide enough, if a truck comes up the street and turns over, they’ll be trapped – which has happened before.  

“We can’t get in, we can’t get out. Emergency vehicles can’t get here. I’m 70 my husband’s 73. We need to have emergency vehicles access at all times,” Mier said. 

“If there’s an emergency for us to get in or out quickly, you cannot do it with the way the road presently is,” Koshinski said. “You’re limited to even what kind of vehicle you can purchase because a regular sedan isn’t going to be able to get up this road.” 

But the problems don’t just lie on Lubbuck Lane. Residents also want to see improvements on Morgans Run Road which is the only way to get to Lubbuck. Widening the road and putting in a drainage system are some of the things they want to be done.  

Morgans Run Road

“It’s represented as a residential two-lane kind of road,” Mark Schuweiler said about Morgans Run Road. “It serves a part here at Cheat Lake which generates a lot of traffic, lots of traffic coming down, their people not familiar with the fact that the road has blind hills and curves and narrows to a single lane in many spots, and they come down fast without regard to the fact that there may be somebody around the curve or over the hill. And there have been many times where I have come very close to being sideswiped.” 

“All we’re looking for is – we’re looking for someone to help us,” said Dan Rodgers a Lubbock Lane resident. “At this point, we don’t feel as though we’ve been helped. We’re all taxpayers, we all pay our taxes. We just want some help.” 

Koshinski reached out to the Department of Highways asking for help and said “I would like to let you know that Lubbuck Lane is in a state of emergency, and with each passing rainstorm, the road is further deuterating. There is no more “road” just large rocks serving as a road in several spots.  There are 15-20 homes on this road, in the current state of Lubbuck Lane, if an emergency vehicle had to respond to one of these homes, they would have a very hard time getting up to the top of this road where most of the homes are located. Lubbuck Lane is on the only access point to and from our homes. In the 9 years I have lived on this road, this is the worst I have ever seen it, and I am concerned, am I going to be able to get back to my home when I go out.” 

She got a response that said in part:

District four forces have reviewed your request.  The Monongalia County Maintenance Administrator advises that the retaining wall on Morgans Run Road has not failed.  The excessive water running is from a major rainfall event.  Stabilization of Lubbock Lane will be scheduled once all other emergency road repairs have been completed. 

Exerpt from WV DOH response to Koshinshi’s concerns

We reached out to the DOH for a comment, and they said in a statement that Lubbock Lane includes a steep hill where it’s hard to keep stone.  It was stabilized in April.  Monongalia County crews plan to re-stabilize it later this fall.   

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