Road Patrol: Marion County Secondary Roads

Road Patrol

“Certain parts you’ll see that the traffic will slow up because everybody already knows.” said Shardinae Adams a local resident of Rivesville known to her peers by her alias TK Blockstar.

Adams wasn’t the only Marion County resident faced with driving hazards, but told 12 News it beats having to dish out additional money down the road because of unsafe secondary roads.

“The money it cost for the vehicle, the upkeep of the vehicle, the extra alignments, you know what I’m saying?  The popping of the tires and everything- it’s dangerous.  Forget everything else and all the money.  Whenever I’m trying to make sure I’m not busting a tire or messing up an axle or something, I’m going into a lane into oncoming traffic.” Adams said.

A plan was put into action last week by Governor Jim Justice to have all secondary roads throughout the state, including here in Marion County looked at and put on a list for future work.  County Commissioner Randy Elliot confirmed that with more than 50 pages worth of roads almost every secondary county road was mentioned. The mass number of roads reported caused a even higher demand for work to be done that surpassed workers.

“We received a list and looked at it, and it’s going to take a massive amount of money to fix everything that needs to be fixed, but it needs to be prioritized, and the funding, come up with the funding within the state so how to do this work.” said Elliot.

The unspecified funding, according to Governor Justice, is projected to be pooled from revenue surpluses and bond money.

Drivers say they hope the work will begin soon,as county officials continue to work on all residents’ behalf.

“You got the kids crossing, people swerving around.  It’s just not a good.  It’s not safe.  That’s all.  So, as a resident here, I think mostly people just want it to be safe.” said Adams.

“We can only again identify where the roads need to be fixed and relay that information on to the department of highways.  That’s the best we can do.  We’ll continue to do that.  It’s important that we stay on top of it.  Everybody in the county is affected by the condition of our secondary roads.” said Elliot.

To remain proactive to road issues, the DOH has started a program called SWAT, ‘Safety With Action Today’, that takes requests on roads needing to be fixed.

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