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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Residents on Mayfield Road are growing increasingly frustrated about the deterioration of the road, and they do not know what to do.

Cory Chambers, who has lived on the road for a little more than a year, said it’s in very bad shape, and the Division of Highways (DOH) has not repaired it in years.

Cracking and potholes on Mayfield Rd.

“It’s been very interesting since I’ve lived here,” Chambers said. “I learned very quickly that there has not been any, really, DOH attention to this road for years in talking to some of my neighbors. And that’s really in all seasons. I mean, in the wintertime the roads don’t get plowed, no cinders put down, no salt. In the summertime, you know, in the rainy season, the ditches are, a lot of times, clogged because they never get cleaned, which in turn spills the water out into the road and causes a lot of potholes.”

This year-round frustration is heightened as winter approaches and there’s no solution from DOH insight.

This means Chambers and his neighbors will have to rely on someone else who lives on Mayfield Rd. for help.

“We, actually, have a neighbor here that went and bought a plow specifically and is kind enough to plow the road for us, you know,” Chambers said. “But again, he’s a working individual and doesn’t have time to take care of it like the DOH should be.”

Clogged ditches

Despite his limitations, the little his neighbor can do means a lot to Chambers and others because otherwise, the road would be treacherous.

Chambers said they get a lot of ice on the road and the snow builds up a lot, that is why his neighbor’s plow is much appreciated.

But again, that’s not his job. It’s DOH’s, Chambers said.

“It’s very frustrating, and I understand they’re, you know, they’re busy and they get a lot of requests,” Chambers said. “But, my sister, myself and many of our neighbors have, you know, specifically emailed, called and spoke with individuals and ask for, you know, multiple requests to clean ditches. Can you at least send a plow truck up, you know, once a week or something? And, we often get told that we’re considered a secondary nonessential road that, you know, doesn’t really require attention, unfortunately.” 

But to Chambers and his neighbors, the road is very much essential and in need of immediate attention.

Some of his neighbors work in healthcare and they sometimes struggle getting in and out of the neighborhood along Mayfield Rd.

Entrance to Mayfield Rd. off Tyrone Rd.

“It’s not crazy to drive down the road in the wintertime and see a car in the ditch or a couple of cars in the ditch,” Chambers said. “This past winter was bad with ice, and I drove down a couple of times and, you know, have seen that.”

With these deplorable conditions all throughout the year, Chambers said, it’s hard to understand why DOH has not offered any assistance.

This is especially frustrating, he said, because the road is “very highly traveled” and will soon become even more so. Chambers said an indoor sporting facility is being built on Mayfield Rd., which will bring even more traffic to the rapidly deteriorating roadway.

“I would like for them to come out and actually, you know, at least hear our requests and come out and look at the road,” Chambers said. “Maybe do a study on, you know, how traveled it is, just for them to see how busy it actually is. And you know, really just — taxpaying citizen here in Mon County and in the state of West Virginia, I can’t see why after so many requests in so many years we can’t get some type of service set up for at least, you know, plowing or ditch cleaning.” 

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