Monongah, W.Va. — Just off Route 19, about four miles away from downtown Fairmont, lies Mill Fall Run Road in Monongah. One resident of the road, Richard Canfield, has watched the road evolve over the years.

“Mom and Dad bought this farm in late ‘46 or ‘47, and we moved down here in 1950, and I’ve been down here ever since,” said Canfield.

In the over 70 years he has lived on Mill Fall Run Road, Canfield has seen the road evolve from an unpaved to paved road. Despite the work that had been done, he felt that it was never enough to permanently improve the road’s condition.

“Once in a while they’ll come through and plow it, sometimes they don’t,” he said. “Sometimes they’ll clean the ditches. For some reason, they kind of bypass this area.”

A look at Mill Fall Run Road (WBOY image)

Driving down the road can be tricky. On one side of the road is a mountain; on the other, it’s a steep drop into a creek. There are not many places to pull over on the narrow road that struggles to keep two non-4×4 vehicles on the road at the same time. For the larger vehicles, it takes a concerted team effort.

“I’d like to see them widen this road a little bit, and I’d like to see [drivers] slow down. There’s some of them coming through here that really fly. They’re going too fast,” Canfield said.

12 News reached out to the West Virginia Division of Highways for comment about the road and any future repair plans but did not receive one.