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SHINNSTON, W.Va. – Miners Way outside of Shinnston is a very narrow road, ending at a dead end.

But, that doesn’t stop residents from wanting their road taken care of by the Division of Highways.

Miners Way

“Culverts and stuff like that are not cleaned out. They haven’t cut the brush back away from the road,” said resident, William Strother.

Strother has lived on Miners Way for 12 years. In his time living there, he hasn’t seen practically any upkeep done by the Division of Highways.

“2012, they came up here and patched after I got my driveway in. They patched a little bit,” said Strother.

Some of the patch work done by the Division of Highways

The last time the road was paved end-to-end was almost 40 years ago, according to a lifelong resident of Miners Way.

“Back in, I think it was ’85 or so, and they tar and chipped it, which was a waste of time and money,” said Nezer Vandergrift, who has lived on Miners Way for 67 years.

There’s a long list of things that worry residents living on the road but one tops them all: culverts.

“The culverts haven’t been cleaned out, and it’s a waterfall when it rains. I mean, it’s just a river going down that road. It freezes in the winter, and then we get great big holes,” said Strother.

Some of the full culverts along Miners Way

According to Vandergrift and Strother, the Division of Highways recently visited the road, and residents were disappointed with their work.

“It’s probably been a month ago they came up here and patched a few holes and missed half of the holes,” said Vandergrift.

“The right way to patch them is to clean the hole out, dry it out, take a torch and heat it up, and put your hot patch in there and it’ll last. But they don’t take time for that,” said Strother.

Residents just want things to be done right and to stop getting the runaround.

“Get off your hind ends and come out here and do a good job. You know, quit giving people the runaround when they call.”

Nezer Vandergrift, lifelong Miners Way resident

12 News reached out to the Division of Highways, and provided the following statement:

“Less than a mile, only 0.85 of a mile, of Miner’s Way is public roadway and the rest is a private road.  On the public portion of the road, WVDOH has patched and will continue to do so as needed.”

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