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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – During this time of year, the Division of Highways is at a pause when it comes to repairing roads in Monongalia County.

It is due to the hot mix plants being closed because of the cold weather. With this barrier, the D.O.H has been using a temporary cold mix to fill in potholes and other road breakage.

Monongalia County has the highest population in North Central West Virginia, along with the most traveled roads.

A few heavily traveled roads are Route 705, Patteson Drive, and US-19. On a daily average vehicele can total between 35,000 – 40,000.

One road in Monongalia County, many residents complain about is West Run Road, including Jordan West.

“It’s really unsafe,” explains West. “Day or night. At the nighttime, especially when it gets dusk and everything, there’s parts even on the side of the road, not only the potholes in the middle, where I’ve seen many people blow out their tires. I blew out my tires once or twice in the past.”

West travels on West Run Road every day for his commute to avoid Mileground Road traffic.

“It’s almost like you have to negotiate, whether you want to travel on this road, or spend more time in traffic up towards the Mileground,” stated West. “And that shouldn’t be something you have to sort of do a balancing test for.”  

Moisture, the ground structure itself, the weight of the vehicle, the number of vehicles that travel the route and other variances are causing the road damage in Monongalia County.

Monongalia County D.O.H. Administrator David McCormick said the D.O.H repairs roads all year round.  

“This time of year, with the cold patch, we may have to put it in,” said McCormick. “We understand that it may be back out the next day, but if we get that one good day that we have 3,000 vehicles that travel across there, that’s hitting that same pothole we like to try to fix that if we can.”

The D.O.H recommends residents to go through the Safety with Action Today Program (S.W.A.T.) for road complaints.

“They send us those citizens requests,” explained McCormick. We answer those citizens requests. Once we check out and see what the issues are, what needs to be done, what the priority is of that situation, and we try to take care of them through that.”

McCormick also stated last year the D.O.H did receive more help from the Governor’s office. They received more money and more resources, but the county’s roads are so far behind that it is going to take a long time to get caught back up.

If you would like to learn about S.W.A.T. or how to contact them, you can check out their website.

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