CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – With warmer weather now here to stay, the conditions are right for road repairs. The Memorial Day deadline for the Pothole Blitz is coming up, and we took a look at what one crew in Harrison County was doing.

West Virginia Division of Highway workers find the damage, get rid of the affected area, apply tack to bond the new asphalt to the remaining road, lay the hot mix on top, and rolled it level with the ground. This is a more permanent repair than the work done in the wintertime. DOH District 4 Maintenance Assistant Earl Gaskins said it takes much longer to do this kind of repair.  

Asphalt tack is an adhesive that connects the new tar to the old road underneath.

“The effort that the guys from the department of highways has put in, since March has started we have put every effort in, our guys are working 6, sometimes 7 days a week, 10 hours a day, working very hard to reach that goal,” said Gaskins.  

He says the line of cars at a flagger, waiting for road work is a common sight in West Virginia for the springtime.

“So there’s road work construction everywhere, the best advice I can give to the public is make sure you plan ahead, make sure you be safe when you’re out there traveling, when you see a work zone, slow down, follow the posted speed limit for that work zone because the last thing we want is the traveling public to be injured or any of our employees or staff,” said Gaskins.

Another reason for drivers to slow down is that more police officers will be in work zones to enforce the speed limit.  All tickets received in a work zone are double the cost.

“They have stepped up their efforts in support, and making sure that the speed limit is enforced in the work zone, and they are going to be actively pulling people over for speeding,” said Gaskins. 

As of May 19, with less than two weeks left until the deadline, Gaskins says the DOH is making every effort to fix every pothole by Memorial Day.  

“There’s going to be imperfections in the road system but I promise you the department of highways will be there to repair these,” said Gaskins.

For the form to submit a road repair needed in your area, click here to fill out and send your information that according to Gaskins, reaches them immediately.