FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Prickett’s Fort Road is just steps away from I-79 in Marion County and brings in a lot of tourism to Prickett’s Fort.

However, the road to get there, and a neighboring road, Montana Road, are in awful shape, according to residents.

Terri Armentrout travels both roads constantly and hates to see the shape both are in.

A pothole on Prickett’s Fort Road in Marion County. (WBOY Image)

“Both of these roads are on-a-ways out, and they are covered in potholes that have been patched previously and patched again, and the potholes just keep re-emerging,” said Armentrout.

She’s lived here eight years and has yet to see full paving of either road. Armentrout said that neither road has even been patched since last summer.

“When they finally paved us or patched us last year, was towards the middle of summer I believe. So, we dealt with the increasing potholes for an extended period of time,” said Armentrout.

Part of Montana Road is falling. According to Terri Armentrout, the cones have been in place since fall 2021. (WBOY Image)

Armentrout said that no vehicles of hers have been damaged by potholes, even with a two-month-old car. However, she credits the lack of damage with something even more unsafe.

“We haven’t had to replace anything on our vehicles because we swerve to avoid the potholes, which, then, puts you, sometimes, on the wrong side of the road,” said Armentrout.

Prickett’s Fort Road with potholes (Courtesy: Terri Armentrout)

While Armentrout and I were talking, a neighbor stopped by to make a point about tourism.

“They’re trying to promote tourism in this state. They put signs out there to visit Prickett’s Fort. How would you like to come off the interstate and try to come up there with a $300,000 motor home? It ain’t fit to walk,” said the neighbor.

Overall, Armentrout and her neighbors just wanted the DOH to come out and completely pave the road.

“We’d love to have our road properly fixed and properly maintained, not just in the summertime, but in the wintertime as well because it’s a bad road. So, we would just like to see our tax dollars being used on our roads,” said Armentrout.