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FELLOWSVILLE, W.Va. – Runner Cut Road in Preston County is narrow, in poor shape and poses a danger to those who use it on a daily basis.

Runner Cut Rd.

All of this is evident if you take one drive along the road, but for daily users like Michelle Bolyard, it is more than obvious — it is frustrating.

“It takes you twice as much of the time as it should to get to the highway, people coming in and out and you have to pull over, trying to find a place to backup to get over to let someone through and just the problem of tearing up your vehicles,” Bolyard said.

Bolyard has lived in the area for 25 years and said she uses Runner Cut Rd. every day. She said road conditions only started getting bad in the last five years, but the West Virginia Division of Highways (DOH) came out and attempted to fix it.

“This road was tarred and chipped about three or four years ago when Gov. Justice had sent in all the county DOH workers last spring to clean out the ditches,” Bolyard said. “The equipment they used just cut big holes in the middle of this road.”

The DOH fixed tarred and chipped the road, Bolyard said, but their work was far from perfect.

Bolyard said her roughly six-month-old car is already experiencing problems with the suspension as a result of her driving on the road daily. She said her suspension is being damaged despite the fact that she drives slowly along the road.

There is a hill along Runner Cut Road that Bolyard explained is the worst part of the road because it is bumpy, narrow and has a blind turn. It is currently summer and getting up and down that hill is already hard, but imagine how bad things will be when the winter arrives, Bolyard said.

The hill with the blind turn

“I feel that even with a slight slimmer of snow, anyone who’s trying to get up this hill in the wintertime is not going to be able to get the speed that they need to make the turn,” Bolyard said. “And anyone coming down the hill at the same time could be a disaster.”

Bolyard said she wants the DOH to come back and finish the work they started and to leave the road in good and drivable shape.

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