SHINNISTON, W.Va. – Sugar Camp Road is only one street off I-79, but residents said it’s been unmaintained for years. 

“About 15 years ago, they tarred and chipped the road. After that, state road hasn’t really done much. They’ve patched twice in the last five years,” Lee Cox Sugar Camp Road resident, said. “The way to and from your home should be the safest way possible. You shouldn’t have to worry about cars run on and off the road. You shouldn’t have to worry about passing. You shouldn’t have to worry about potholes. You shouldn’t have to worry about people swerving.” 

Cox said the last time the state patched the potholes, they were all just ripped up the next day from a snowplow. But, the potholes aren’t the only issue on Sugar Camp Road.  

“There’re a couple trees, dead trees by the road,” Cox said. “They’re in the state right of way.  Neighbors talk about being nervous driving underneath them, limbs falling off.” 

Dead tree on Sugar Camp Road

And since they haven’t seen the state come out, resident Logan McMillion has taken matters into his own hands.  He takes his tractor up and down the road a few times a year, cutting down anything in the way.

“The bushes get pretty thick. It’s not really the best road. It’s rough riding for all these people up the hollow,” McMillion said.  “They don’t want to tear up their cars, replace a bunch of stuff. We tried to patch the holes with rocks a couple of times, and it never really worked. It just came out.” 

So, why does he do it? 

“It makes me feel kind of special and makes me feel like I actually do something around here,” McMillion said.

Logan McMillion’s tractor

12 News reached out to the West Virginia Department of Transportation about the potholes, and it said:  “The road is a tar and chip road and was patched in January. It will be looked at again in July and patched as needed. All areas needing ditched will be taken care of when patching is done in July.”