CLARKSBURG, W.Va. — As February approaches, the Division of Highways looked back on the first half of the winter season and discussed some of the achievements and challenges it had seen so far.

“We always go into the winter season expecting the worst and hoping for the best,” said Deputy State Highway Engineer Joe Pack.

Likely for the better, the Division of Highways did all that preparation only to not have much snowfall at all before the turn of the new year. Since, it had been tricky to navigate some of the storms the region has seen this winter, but Pack felt that his crews were on top of things and getting through it without many hitches.

“There’s rarely ever a surprise challenge,” said Pack. “And it’s usually things that we’ve dealt with in the past, that we know how to handle it and address it.”

Of course, one of the more relevant challenges presented to people working is the pandemic, which continues to sideline workers for a second winter. Still, Pack learned from winter 2021 for winter 2022.

“We’ve been able to keep our bench, if you will, prepared, and on notice that they could be called out at any time to take over the job duties,” he said.

Looking ahead to the rest of the winter season, Pack was pleased with his team’s success so far and was looking to building on it moving forward.