WORTHINGTON, W.Va. (WBOY) – One Worthington bridge replacement project has been underway since December of 2021. And travelers who are affected by the three temporary traffic lights added for the project can expect to see delays on their commute into 2023.

The first phase of the bridge replacement job South of Worthington has been completed. Work is now underway on phase two of the project.

Officials said that the bridge’s structure was built in the 20s, and it was last worked on back in the 60s.

“The bridge itself was needing replaced, so—it was in a condition that, if we didn’t replace it, it was going to start causing us some issues,” said Jason Nelson, WVDOH District 4 Construction Engineer.

Part of phase one was to replace the lane of the bridge closest to the river, and for that, the traffic was first routed to the western lane. As of August 8, the abutments, beams and deck have been replaced on the eastern side of the bridge.

Since this project has three different stop lights, Nelson said drivers should be on the lookout for the workers who are there doing their job.

“I would ask for everybody to be cautious just like they should be in any construction zone. To slow down, not be on their phones, pay attention to… because even though there are barricades there, the whole area is an active work zone. So people have to cross the road to get to other sections of the work and everything, so you know, I’d like for drivers to be aware, you know? Those are people there with families too, and they need to get home in the evenings just like everybody does,” said Nelson.

The bridge is being widened by 20 feet, and Nelson said this will decrease the chances of flooding, and make space for full shoulders on each side of the road upon completion. Workers have until April of 2023 to complete the project, and while Nelson said at this time they are ahead of schedule, drivers should expect this bridge replacement project to continue into early next year.