WEST UNION, W.Va – The best of the best in West Virginia high school football descended on Doddridge County High School today to show the state and quite a few college coaches what they’re made of.

The 304 Elite Showcase brought the most talented football players from around West Virginia to one place at the home of the Bulldogs and gave college coaches an opportunity to see the top competitors in the state go head to head all afternoon.

Before he was the head coach at the University of Fort Lauderdale, Quincy Wilson was a stud running back at Weir High School and WVU and understands how important an opportunity like this can be for players here in West Virginia who can sometimes find themselves overlooked.

“It’s awesome. I always tell guys, ‘I was that guy.’ I’m 5’9″, 220 pounds. I got a chance to play in the NFL because I had that dream,” he said, “I came from West Virginia. I didn’t grow up in Florida. I didn’t grow up in Texas so letting them know that, maybe they never thought they could do it and maybe they didn’t think they could get recruited by a D1 but there’s so many great schools here. Glenville, West Liberty, every school’s here so it’s about the opportunity.”

304 Elite provides a chance for athletes in all three classes to test themselves against competitors from other classes and areas of the state they would not normally face. That’s an enticing opportunity for Class A players like Ritchie County signal caller Ethan Haught who jumped at the chance to prove that the small school guys can get it done too.

“It’s great to come out here and see all the athletes around the state,” he said, “You don’t get to see a lot of AAA and AA athletes during the season so it’s great to come out here and see what you’re up against and see how you compare against everybody else.”

Coaches from Alderson-Broaddus, Glenville State, Fairmont State and more were in attendance for the event and some were able to participate as on field coaches during drills.