CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The Fubio family and the Robert C. Byrd swim program go hand in hand.

Eagles long-time swim head coach Christy Fubio has put four of her own kids through the RCB swim program with many school records broken and a lot of hardware earned throughout the years.

“Swimming is just a huge part of our family. It’s something we all love to do but to get to watch my boys do it and see them continue at Fairmont State is really great. I just love it and I’m so glad that I got the chance to do it. I can’t imagine giving it to anybody else  but I do enjoy being the parent at Fairmont State and watching them swim and not having to coach,” Christy Fubio said.

Natalie, Nathan and Patrick Fubio all swam for Robert C. Byrd and currently Nathan and Patrick are teammates yet again on the Fairmont State swim team.

Now the youngest Fubio, Adam, is in his junior swim season at RCB.

With swimming being such a big part of this family’s life, of course there is a little bit of competition.

“For our family, it’s kind of a weird competition for us all to see who can be the best for each grade that they’re in and seeing who can race the fastest and it’s just a personal competition for all of us wanting to be the best of all,” Adam Fubio said.

Patrick set the bar quite high last season. Adam strives to beat some of Patrick’s school records which include the 200 IM, 500 freestyle, 100 backstroke and the 100 breaststroke. Patrick also crushed a pair of records at the state swim meet last season.

“It definitely is a goal for me to break Patrick’s records as much as I possibly can. He set a large number of them and I would like to have my name on the board at least once,” Adam Fubio said.

But having so much swim knowledge surrounding the family, the criticism can be harsh. But Adam learns a lot from his brothers and he’s excited to continue the Fubio legacy at Robert C. Byrd.

“Everytime I see my brothers, since they’re in college, they love to  break down my stroke to every little thing that’s wrong with it and tell me what’s wrong with it. Which, in the moment, can be really hard but it’s very beneficial for me and to just see and experience them in college now to see what I will hopefully step up to one day to be able to go through that also,” Adam Fubio said.

Christy and Adam hope to have another successful season with the Flying Eagles, hopefully finishing up at the state meet.