FAIRMONT, W.Va. – Fairmont Senior’s Dom Stingo has earned the 12 Sports Athlete of the Week status after his performance in the high school football playoffs.

Stingo, the starting quarterback of the Fairmont Senior football team, competed through all of the ups and downs of the season and is leading his team when it matters most- in the playoffs.

As of late, Stingo has been showing what he can do under center.

The senior most recently threw for 265 yards and two touchdowns in the quarterfinal win over Robert C. Byrd.

Stingo said shutting down Byrd helped him do what he had to do offensively.

“You know, we loaded the box up against King all night. Shutting him down to only 43 yards is big. That’s their whole game, giving him the ball, and I think our defense did a really superb job and that really helped our offense. Giving us good field position and stuff like that to just put the rock wherever we need to,” Stingo said.

Stingo also played a huge role in the sixteenth-seeded Polar Bears’ first round win over top-seeded Herbert Hoover.

The QB said it’s been a team effort.

“It’s all about my teammates. They’re always there for me. Them making their routes and getting to the place where they need to be really helps me make the throws that I need to make. The coaching, good play calls and stuff like that always ties into it and it’s a big team effort,” Stingo said.

With arguably the toughest schedule out of all Double-A programs, it was iffy that Fairmont Senior makes the postseason at all early on in the season.

But Stingo said it best. Iron sharpens iron.

“Seeing teams like Spring Valley and teams like University, you see great players. You just kind of want to play up to that and you want to get on their level and that makes you drive and practice and stuff like that so you just work harder every day and just try to get there,” Stingo said.

Coming up in the state semifinal, Stingo and the Polar Bears see an opponent they’ve never seen before in Poca.

Stingo said a ticket to Wheeling Island Stadium would mean a lot, especially in his senior season.

“I mean, it would mean everything. I mean, that’s our ultimate goal, that’s where we want to be every season and we’re creeping up on it,” Stingo said.

Stingo and Fairmont Senior travel to Poca on Friday.