MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – University quarterback, Chase Edwards, is the WBOY Athlete of the Week after multiple strong performances under center to help lead the Hawks to an undefeated start to the season.

Edwards, the junior quarterback, helped the Hawks to a 4-0 start, the best start the Hawks have had since he’s been on the team.

Edwards said the success stems from the multiple athletes on the team working together.

“We’ve got athletes everywhere. Our line has been playing dominant over the past four games and I think they’re going to continue to. And it’s not like we have one athlete, we’ve got plenty of athletes,” Edwards said.

What’s Edwards favorite thing to do? If you’ve seen University play at all this season, you would know it’s to air out the football.  

“It’s just the most fun thing to do. It’s just the most fun. Running the ball is kind of boring, so I just like throwing it a lot,” Edwards said.

He’s shown his arm off in every one of the Hawks’ contests so far and most recently with his 17-25 for 261 yards and three touchdown performance in the win over Wheeling Park.

Not to mention- his 400 passing yards for six scores game over Brooke the week before.

Edwards gives credit to his lineup of skilled receivers.

“They can’t try and double one person and shut us down.  They try that on Sage [Clawges] but it doesn’t work because we have Elija, we have Jack, we’ve got Noah, we’ve got Jay, just athletes that one person just can’t guard,” Edwards said.

Hawks head coach John Kelley said Edwards brings a lot to the team as a true quarterback.

“He’s a coach on the field. I mean, he’s in control of our offense. There’s times when we call some things and he checks to other things that I question it but then I realize he’s the one that’s out there, he’s the one that sees it and he’s reading it better than we are because he’s in the middle of it so he’s done a fantastic job. He’s very mature,” Kelley said. “He doesn’t get rattled, doesn’t  get too high, doesn’t get too low.”

Edwards has been working on his craft for quite a while now. He earned a spot as the starting QB in all three years he’s been at UHS. He said everything is coming together in his junior season because of the buildup of experience.

“The biggest thing is experience. Getting to play as a freshman against all of the bigger kids  and now I can be considered one of the bigger kids. The experience has helped a ton. Then seeing how a lot of teams play and just getting used to how teams play,” Edwards said.

University has another big test ahead as they host Fairmont Senior on Friday night.