MORGANTOWN, W.Va – When you’ve played with the same teammates for a long time, it becomes a lot easier to communicate between the lines.

At Morgantown High, it goes a little bit further than that on the volleyball court.

Belle and Grace DeVall have done everything together…literally.

The twins are juniors for the Mohigans now, and they bring a special dynamic to the team every time they walk into the gym.

“We’ve literally been playing together for our whole entire lives so it’s pretty much automatic between us I feel like,” Grace said.

“I can rely on her for good passes and I feel like the communication is just easier because we’ve played together forever,” Belle continued.

“I know exactly where she likes her passes to get that set perfect,” Grace added.

“Sometimes it’s like not even just talking, like a look and she’ll know what I’m talking about and we’re exactly on the same page,” Belle finished.

The energy the twins bring is a coach’s dream, something that Morgantown head coach Erica Manor is thrilled to have on her team.

“They’re special. They’re a dynamic duo in a sense, so we’re really excited to have them and watch them play and perform,” she said. “It’s really funny to watch them go back and forth in the middle of the game like ‘do this better!’ or ‘great job there!’ which is kind of fun to see their sister-sister dynamic.”

Beyond just their communication on the court, the twin connection between the DeValls carries over to what they wear on the court too…with a couple of pairs of mismatched shoes becoming their trademark.

“I’ll take credit for the idea,” Belle said.

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” Grace interjected.

“Basically, we’re about the same size and we decided that we would give it a try and if it didn’t work, we would send them back,” Belle explained, “but as soon as we put them on, we fell in love and then we became known as having the opposites even though we’re twins.”

And no matter what the result is on the scoreboard or the color of the shoes on their feet, there’s something special behind what the DeVall twins bring to the Mohigans: a love for playing with one another that’s not going away any time soon.

“Being able to play the sport that I love with my best friend is honestly just amazing,” Grace said.

“It’s honestly just the dream and it feels surreal still and we’re only juniors. We still have next year,” Belle said.

The DeVall twins and the rest of the Mohigans have a big one coming up next Tuesday. They host the 2021 runners-up in Class AAA from Hedgesville in Morgantown.