Black Bears Conversations: Playing for Saylor


We continue our Black Bears Conversations series with what it’s like to play for manager Drew Saylor.

He’s a player-friendly manager with a vast knowledge on the game and the numbers that surround it now more than ever.

But we’ll let the players tell you all about what it’s like playing for him.

Playing for Drew Saylor

BLAKE SABOL: “Drew is a great coach. He cares about the whole locker room. He’ll joke around with you. He’s always helping you try to get better. I’ve been learning a lot here, just hearing what he’s had to say. And then also with the Sabermetrics and using technology, that’s definitely a new thing for me.”

MATT GORSKI: “He’s an awesome coach. I had a coach like him in college that was younger and definitely has the energy that he has. So it’s kind of a little bit of the same thing. He knows everything and it’s awesome to learn from him.”

ETHAN PAUL: “Whether good or bad, he’s always picking guys up, or passing along support to a player or coach. And that goes a long way. He hasn’t necessarily made that into a lesson or anything like that, but guys see that. Guys feed off that. And it’s definitely been something that I appreciate. Just his energy and what he brings to the clubhouse.”

The stat Saylor has taught you that you’re still not sure about
Black Bears manager Drew Saylor going through signs in the third base coach’s box during a game earlier this season. (Photo via Ryan Decker)

JARED TRIOLO: “What is it, wRC+? wRC+. That’s one of the ones that its just crazy. It has something to do with runs created … Couldn’t tell you. Still working on it.”

MATT GORSKI: “I think when he talks about spin rates with different pitches on a clock. I mean, I kind of understand it, but he brings it and he just says it. And then I kind of have to think about it. And he just says it, and he just knows what he talking about. So that’s probably one of the things.”

Saylor sprinting out of the dugout
Saylor sprinting back to the dugout after the third out of an inning was recorded in a game earlier this season. (Photo via Ryan Decker)

JARED TRIOLO: “Oh yeah, he’s done that a couple times. You’ll see him sprinting down the line. Even at the start of the innings. Pretty good sprint down to the third base coaching box it’s pretty exciting. It shows that he cares, and he’s not out there just checking the box just because he has to be out here. It makes you play that much harder.”

What makes Drew Saylor a genius

MATT GORSKI: “I’d say it’s more than just baseball that makes him a genius. Like Blake was saying, he’ll bring out some random stat about, not even baseball, but a concert or something like that that’s going it. So it’s probably a configuration of everything that makes him a genius.”

ETHAN PAUL: “He’s very knowledgable, and he’s a guy you want to go to ask anything about baseball, or even anything other than baseball. I can definitely see why people are calling him that.”

BLAKE SABOL: “Playing for him, I couldn’t have asked for a better first coach in pro baseball.”

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