FAIRMONT, W.Va. – On Sunday it was announced that long-time legend college football coach, Bobby Bowden, passed away.

Bowden was formerly with the West Virginia University football staff before becoming an icon at Florida State University. His passing has surfaced all of the connections he’s name throughout the football community including one right here in Fairmont.

Fairmont State University football head coach, Jason Woodman, was on Bowden’s coaching staff as a graduate assistant in 2007.

On Sunday, Woodman tweeted this photo.

Woodman shared what learning from Bowden meant to him.

“I was fortunate enough to be around him for about eight months. And I learned a lot with him. I learned a lot about being a better man and a coach. Just if you can ever, as a coach, be the man he is, the man he was, whether it’s spiritually or with your family or even just a mentor to the young men, that’s something that I think as coaches we should all at least strive for,” Woodman said.

Woodman touched further on his experiences on the sidelines with Bowden.