CLARKSBURG, W.Va – The 14th annual Flying Eagle Shootout took place at Robert C. Byrd High School and Washington Irving Middle School today with local teams from multiple classifications competing in the midst of the three week summer practice period.

Byrd head coach Basil Lucas says that this kind of event is important for teams to be able to build chemistry before the season ever begins.

“It’s tremendously important,” he said, “We’ve got four seniors returning that are starters and then we have a really young group with a bunch of really good young players so its an opportunity to see where the experienced players mix in with the new players and its invaluable for the older players. It allows them to be leaders and become better teammates.”

Ten teams across four classes competed today including Robert C. Byrd, Tyler Consolidated, University, Bridgeport, Grafton, Lewis County, Fairmont Senior, Tygarts Valley and Lincoln.