WAYNESBURG, Pa. – Former Clay-Battelle High School athlete, Sydney Wilson, is having quite the freshman softball season at Waynesburg University.

Wilson was recently named the President Athletic Conference (PAC) Pitcher of the Year and Newcomer of the Year.

The former CeeBees All-State pitcher started in 20 games for the Yellow Jackets and appeared in 26 games. She has an 18-4 record, pitching 20 complete games and six shutouts.

“I wasn’t expecting to see the mound and get as many innings as I have. Going into Myrtle Beach Spring training I just thought hey, I’m going to get to throw one, two games, three at best. Then my performance in the first game wasn’t what I wanted it to be and I thought that was going to cut my time down even more. But I think coming back in the second game I really proved myself,” Wilson said.  

Wilson said she didn’t start off as a superstar college pitcher. Plenty of hard work was put in from the start of her time with the Jackets. That and confidence.

“Definitely my self confidence. Throughout high school and even younger, I wasn’t very confident in my pitching. When I was down, I was down and when I was on a high, I was on a high. My pitching has really been like a roller coaster for a lot of my life,” Wilson said. “When I started becoming more confident in myself, when I started in college, I knew that going out there I was the only one out there. I controlled the game. I had to do what I had to do and I had to be confident in what I was doing.”

The freshman has a 1.06 ERA- The lowest in the league. Wilson also recorded 148 strikeouts this season.

Wilson said earning these accolades as a freshman is very meaningful and she intends to keep them coming throughout her time at Waynesburg.

“They mean a lot to me. Coming home the other night, my dad looked at me and he said ‘I’m proud of you and that’s pretty impressive’ and I said well, we’re going to get more next year. I just always keep setting goals for myself and I just keep accomplishing them,” Wilson said.

Wilson helped lead the Waynesburg softball team to a PAC Championship and to the NCAA Division III National Championship tournament. The Jackets square off against Eastern Connecticut State on Friday.

The newcomer is reveling in her tournament experience.

“It’s unreal. You are treated like royalty almost. Everyone is watching you. Even when you think they don’t know you, they know you,” Wilson said.  

One more time for those who didn’t catch this yet- Wilson is only a freshman. So there’s a lot more where this came from.

“This is amazing as a freshman to know that I’m going out tomorrow and I’m more than likely going to pitch and being able to get out there and just get it done for my team is something that I am going to continue to do for the rest of this season and for the rest of my years here,” Wilson said.

Wilson and the Yellow Jackets compete in the double-elimination Regional round of the NCAA tournament on Friday against the Warriors. First pitch is at 4:30.