INSTITUTE, W.Va. – Former Bridgeport all-state lineman, Devin Hill, is off to a good start to his collegiate career.

Hill, who was one of the top linemen in the state over the past two seasons, is already making his presence known in his freshman year at West Virginia State. Hill has started all three of the Yellow Jackets’ games so far this season, and that’s even after changing positions from his normal guard spot to center.

While Hill admits that he still has a lot of work to do, he’s proud of the progress he’s made since joining West Virginia State in the summer.

“They asked me if I knew how to snap. I said no, but I’ll learn. I’m willing to do anything to get on the field as soon as possible,” Hill said about the conversation between he and his coaches about the position change.

Asked to reflect on his first three games, Hill said: “I had a lot of rookie mistakes the first game, dwindled the number down the second game and the third game. I just want to keep getting it to where, by the fifth and sixth game, the rookie mistakes are eliminated.”

Hill also told me he watches more than an hour of film each day, splitting time between watching what he’s doing, and what the opposing team does.

A lot of hard work from Hill, and it’s bringing him some early success in his collegiate career.