GLENVILLE, W.Va – The Glenville State men’s basketball team will be almost unrecognizable in 2022-23 with head coach Justin Caldwell adding 14 new players to the roster.

With a massive shift in personnel, the process through the preseason has been making sure everyone can work together and the transfers especially can get the job done right away.

“They’ve been proven. They’ve been proven because they’ve done it at the college level whether its DivisionI, Division II or junior college, all of those guys have played against guys that are 18, 19, 20, 21 years old and not necessarily high school kids coming in and trying to play so I guess that cuts their learning curves down a little bit and hopefully once they start playing together and we start to work and get those guys playing together, the better we’ll be,” head coach Justin Caldwell said.

The key to the roster changes for Glenville State this season is putting together a combination of players that is a better fit for the way that Caldwell wants his team to play.

Upgrades in size and athleticism are poised to make the Pioneers a much more dynamic team this season.

“When it came to trying to get stops and things like that, we lost six, seven games by one or two possessions. Just couldn’t put it together so with 14 new guys, that’s the area we addressed, and we filled a lot of those voids, and we’ll see soon enough,” he said.

The Glenville State men’s basketball team is picked to finish seventh in the Mountain East this season and opens against Salem at the Joe Retton Classic at Fairmont State on November 11.