CLARKSBURG, W.Va. – The sport of lacrosse is growing and developing in the state of West Virginia and a local team is welcoming new athletes.

The Harrison County Lacrosse association is a lacrosse program for any athletes in Harrison County and athletes who don’t live in Harrison County who don’t have a local lacrosse team to play for.

The club has both boys and girls lacrosse teams. Age groups include the high school level and fourth through eighth grade.

The club is holding sign ups and want athletes interested to give the sport a try.

“The thing we say to kids is it’s not a matter of the conditioning, we can handle that, we can teach them how to play, it’s just the desire. If they want to play, it’s a great way to get out and get involved and it’s fun. The thing that I’ve seen universally from all of those age groups is the action of lacrosse, the movement, keeps them involved,” Jeff Strange, Harrison County Bruins head coach said.

If interested you can contact the association on Facebook and the club is holding sign ups at the Bridgeport Civic Center on Saturday January 15 and 29 from 9-11.