SHINNSTON, W.Va. – When you watch the Lincoln offense on any given Friday night, there’s one thing that stands out: weapons.

With playmakers all over the field, the Cougars are well on their way to making some noise as the postseason nears and a big step toward that postseason future was taken on Friday with senior running back Antwan Hilliard leading the way.

With 234 yards on the ground, it was Hilliard’s turn to drive the Lincoln offense and once things got going early, stopping him become a pretty difficult task.

“A lot of inside zone worked for us. Our line held their own against arguably one of the best defensive line and offensive lines in the state,” he said, “They really held it down so they got me the yards and we got the touchdowns and we came out with the win.”

While Hilliard ran all over Robert C. Byrd Friday night when the Cougars had the ball, his biggest play of the game may have come on defense.

With Byrd inside the 10 with a chance to take the lead in the second half, Hilliard came down from his linebacker position to meet the ball carrier in the hole.

With a textbook hit, he popped the ball free and Lincoln recovered and went down to score on the following drive.

The result of the play may have been the best possible scenario for Lincoln and the only thing on Hilliard’s mind was keeping the other team out of the end zone.

“They ran the play three or four times before that and I knew it was coming, so I knew it was coming, and I basically shed the block and I was just trying to make the tackle, stop them from getting in the end zone and then luckily enough, I got lucky, and the ball came out and we got it,” Hilliard said.

With a playoff appearance now firmly in the cards for the Cougars, Hilliard is coming off his best game of the season and all of those other weapons are poised to explode for just as big of a night at any time.

“Teams really never know what could happen. You have Brayden Edgell on the outside and he’s going to try to catch it over your receivers and teams will key on that which will help the run. Then, once it’s like third down and two, we can put Levi (Moore) in, more of a power running back to get the first down so it helps a lot,” he said.

Our Harry Green athlete of the week Antwan Hilliard and the Lincoln Cougars return to action at Elkins this Friday night.