MORGANTOWN, W.Va – The state tournament in any sport is the perfect place to make your name in high school athletics.

Gracie Brown did just that when Morgantown traveled to the state soccer tournament with the game-winning goal in the semifinal, an assist in the championship and another golden goal on a penalty to give Morgantown the state championship.

While it was just the goalkeeper in front of her, it was the people she knew she had behind her that calmed her nerves.

“Very nerve-wracking but I nknew what I had to do for my team, had to give it back to them. I get it from my teammates. Their energy brings me energy so it’s easy to feed off of and be a leader when we’re all leaders,” she said.

Brown’s goal gave Morgantown coach Stirlin Rivers his second state championship, but his joy doesn’t come in the wins. It comes in coaching players like Brown.

“Gracie did Gracie. She’s been doing it all season. She assisted the first goal and then she gave us that finish,” he said, “I can’t speak more about here and just the team in general. For me, it’s been a joy coaching these girls.”

Gracie Brown returns for one more season with Morgantown in 2023.