MORGANTOWN, W.Va – There are plenty of things in the world that go together perfectly.

Peanut butter and jelly.

Meat and potatoes.

Levi Teets and making history.

So you’re not familair with the last one?

When it comes to making history for the Trinity Christian School football program, chances are Levi Teets is involved.

From scoring the first touchdown of the program’s rebirth in 2019 to becoming its first-ever all-state selection last year, Teets already has his name all over the Warriors’ record book.

Friday night, he authored another line, becoming the first 1000 yard rusher in school history.

While he may be the one who gets the headlines, its the teammates that pave the way for him that he says deserve the credit.

“It’s really exciting being the first player to ever do that in the short program that we’ve had but I’ve got to give credit to my line and all the receivers out blocking for me downfield because without them I wouldn’t be able to do all that and the coaches drawing up the plays,” he said, “It’s not just all on me. It’s on the team as a whole.”

Teets was a freshman when the Trinity program was officially relaunched in 2019 and, along with quarterback Kyle Knight, is set to become the school’s first four-year football letterman.

He knows he’s leaving a legacy behind but looks back at the memories made for the experience, not the hindsight.

“Having four years, new classes come in every year and it just builds that connection you can’t have in anything else,” he said, “Sports builds a connection that is different from all other things in life so just the bonds with my teammates I’ve had over the years.”

Barring a playoff appearance, Levi Teets has just two games left in his high school football career.

With a strong argument to be made that he’s the most important football player in ever at Trinity, all he’s worried about is creating a sustainable future for the program so that someone can surpass his accomplishments some day.

“My goal is just getting the program going and being that mentor that people in the future can look up to and say, ‘Hey, I want to be like how Levi was back in high school and I feel like at this point I’ve done a good job doing that and hope to continue that the rest of the season,” he said.

Levi Teets and the Trinity Warriors head out on the road Friday night to take on Tygarts Valley in Mill Creek.