ELLENBORO, W.Va. – The Ritchie County boys basketball team has found success this season but they’re not where they’d like to be just yet.

Good thing for the Rebels- they notice themselves progressing each game and each game they play together brings experience.

“I think it’s good that we’re playing hard we’re playing four quarters and I think we’re a work in progress. So even though we haven’t won some games that perhaps we’d like to, I still like the progress some kids are making,” Rick Haught, Rebels head coach said.

Rick Haught’s crew got off to a late start to the basketball season due to the Rebels’ football team making a run in the postseason resulting in a state championship.

Players like Gus Morrison, Ethan Haught and Brandon Riddle, to name a few, have a winning mentality from the football season and are carrying that attitude into basketball.

“We always have the “next game” attitude. You just can’t dwell over one game and come into practice and you’re down from the game. In basketball it’s game after game after game you don’t have weeks like football. So you have to bounce back quick  if you want to be successful so that’s what we’re trying to do,” Ethan Haught, junior guard said.

Ethan Haught has been a standout for the Rebels so far this season. Haught dropped a career-high 41 points against Magnolia last wek.

The Rebels hope to get ‘Haught’ at the right time and they think they can do it with the way they’re progressing.