MORGANTOWN, W.Va – Morgantown head football coach Sean Biser is just weeks away from the opening of fall practice for his third season leading the Mohigans.

The effort to rebuild the roster depth for Morgantown has been a multi-year process for Biser but he is confident in the group they have been able to develop.

“We recruit our hallways and encourage kids to come out and try things. We want them to be multiple-sport athletes. We’re not huge fans of specialization,” he said, “We like to see them play two or three sports and if we can get them to do that, it’s going to help us. It’s going to help the other teams. Our kids, they’re only this age once and I try to tell kids that all the time. You don’t have any more time after this to play football, basketball, baseball, whatever it is that you want to play.”

The Mohigans returned to the playoffs last season but lost its first round matchup to Bridgeport after finishing the year with a 5-5 record despite dealing with injuries to major contributors throughout the season.

With another year of experience, Biser is confident his team is ready to make a leap this fall after finding its way back into the postseason a year ago.