BRIDGEPORT, W.Va. – The Bridgeport Indians are 2-0 on the season heading into week three. That in part to the efforts of quarterback Cam Cole, especially in last week’s win against Liberty.

Bridgeport defeated Liberty 54-6 last Friday night. What worked for the Indians? Well, just what works for them every week- their ground game.

“Morgantown prepared a lot more for outside run. Liberty saw that we ran it inside a lot so it opened up the outside holes for me and it benefited me this week,” Cole said.

Cole did it all against Liberty. 205 yards for four scores. Not to mention, all of that on just five carries.

“I felt like in week one I wasn’t running the ball as hard as I should’ve so last week I just ran the ball as hard as I could every play to try and score and I almost did that every time I touched it,” Cole said.

Five carries for over 200 yards and four touchdowns….and all of this game in the first half for Cole.

Talk about a fast start for the senior and for Bridgeport as a whole. The Indians rushed for 551 total yards, the most in a single game in school history.

“It’s always good to get off to a fast start, get ahead of them. That way you can’t give them any signs that they can hang in there with us. We knew that Liberty wasn’t going to be as tough of an opponent as Morgantown  so we wanted to get out, jump on them early, get a lead and get our younger guys in and that’s exactly what we did,” Cole said.

As a storied program, wearing Bridgeport across your chest is like having a target on your back. Cole said his team takes the pressure and turns it into a positive.

“You know, there’s definitely a lot of pressure on Bridgeport. Everybody wants to beat Bridgeport. Whether it’s Liberty, whether it’s Fairmont, Martinsburg, There’s always a target on our back so we’re used to the pressure. It’s nothing different every week. We have to come in preparing like each game  is going to be a state championship game so we’re not under pressure a lot, we don’t feel worried,” Cole said. “That’s the good thing about this year, all of these guys are young  so they’re getting thrown into it early, so we’re going to be prepared for it early in the year.”  

Cole has learned from other Bridgeport greats in his four seasons on the football team. He said he hopes to be one of those guys to look up to for the younger players.

“I’ve been around a lot of guys here that have been great leaders like Carson Winkie when I was a sophomore. I like being around all of these guys and being someone that they can look up to and maybe pass it on when we graduate. Landyn Reppert is the same way, Trent Haines too. We come out here and we bond with everybody so we have a great relationship with everybody,” Cole said.

Cole and the Indians are set for a big one this Friday night as they host Fairmont Senior at Wayne Jamison Field.